Okay. This is getting old already.
Stop calling people who enjoy anime a weeaboo. It’s a label you put on people.
Are you going to make fun of directioners for being in love with 1D? No….so why make fun on people who love anime. So what if they say Kawaii in there English sentences, it makes them happy. So what if they want to cosplay your favorite anime character in public. I find it really cool cause they have the courage to do something most of you people wouldn’t!!! Dear “weeaboos” do what ever the heck you want it’s your life! And don’t listen to people who bring you down. If you want to be An anime freak go ahead!! But don’t try to be all Japanese when your not really familiar with their culture…it might be a good thing to learn it first.
Point is: be yourself and screw society!!!!!!!!